Get moving! Free of compromise and fear, playing different roles light-heartedly and incisively, always being oneself. Underdog, by Lorenzo Damiani (2023), is a product which, by showing itself carefree and without veils with its exposed basic structure, is contemporary and unconventional: it is a folding and versatile bed (or seat) that can also be nomadic thanks to the folding mechanism that transforms it into a large trolley with two oversized wheels, allowing it to be moved if need be.   It is aesthetically essential, raw, without compromise but also without emphasis: a simple and robust metal structure, rational like the bedstead made with vertical straps.  A compact and comfortable mattress made of expanded polyurethane, a kickstand similar to the ones used on bicycles, colours that evoke industrial design: Underdog is a furniture item that expresses itself with no need for mediation.  And most of all it replies!

Campeggi's products by Lorenzo Damiani:

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