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It is easy to rest, with the right support: Micia, by Paolo Imperatori (2023), is a small armchair with an informal look, that manages to synthesise and merge the best of technology and painstaking production, so as to become comfort’s best ally, both for daily rest and to welcome a very special guest.  It is a furniture item that in less than a square metre of sheer character does not overlook any detail regarding comfort, from the rest surface in electro-welded steel mesh to the mattress made of expanded polyurethane, to the soft pillow for the night that during the day turns into a welcoming backrest.  The style is minimalist, but one can also find details of sheer tailored grace: the quilted cover which is available in several colours, tailor-made with a frog closure, folds to form the typical corner triangles, a pleasant and familiar detail.

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