Who we are

Campeggi: among the first in the world to produce convertibles

In order to avoid boredom of acquired positions, to overcome stillness of static situations, to restart desires and pleasures, Campeggi is imaging a bright and dynamic universe full of objects ready to be moved or trasformed in order to comply with your pleasure of dwelling, living and changing. To speed up before a yawn, Campeggi is proposing you its own dictionary made of Comfort, Agility, Movement, Practicalness, Economy, Gracefulness, Game and always Inexhaustible.

Comfort, namely the use of technologically advanced mate- rials; the results of ergonomic and updated researches; Agility, phisically but also mentally speaking of each single piece of the collection; Movement as a fundamental rule which allows a trasformability of every single project; Practicalness as the result of a corporate tradition which, while dreaming and following new imaginaries, does not venture in “Pindaric flights” within impractical territories;
Economy as the first target; Gracefulness of measure, balance and sobriety, resulting from the strict and knowing co-operation with the best international designers;
Game as a serious pleasure, sure of the importance given by a smile; Inexhaustible as a logic consequence of a corporate thinking which does not put into practice what is obvious and which never sinks into acquired positions. A dictionary as a catalogue, therefore, constantly enriched with unconventionality, freshness, humour, innovation, and lightness.

Objects of the Campeggi’s collection give birth to a catalogue that in the future years will form, with evidence, a point of reference for those in search of a tech-typological innovation and not banality, faintness, luxury, but dynamic intelligence and not static stillness.
Stillness prevents and does not register event in the near world. Things that are not changing are bound to dry up; just those that can face a change do not die.

Campeggi, always faithful to itself, is still changing for you.

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