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The ideal design for those who are looking for a sofa bed with a confident and contemporary look in which square-shaped volumes are connected by softer lines and tailored seams, for an intense experience in both of its appearances: a style which also stands out in small spaces, without compromising on instant user-friendliness and on its generous hospitality which makes it enjoyable both in its day version and in the bed version.  The soft cushions of the backrest of Tip-Tap, by Giulio Manzoni (2023), may be moved as one pleases and are fitted with a powerful magnet that keeps them anchored to the structure when the sofa becomes a bed.  The large size and thick mattress made of expanded polyurethane is a perfect, welcoming surface that is easy to close.  The removable cover is available in numerous colour options.

Campeggi's products by Giulio Manzoni:

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