Giulio Manzoni

Born in 1952, graduated in 1976 in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano, Giulio Manzoni worked with various organizations including the University of Milan and Pavia, the Venice Biennale, the District 8 in Como, Intercommunale – Pordenone, the Casino Campione d’Italia.

He counts collaborations with Italian and international companies, including: B&B Italia, Campeggi, Clei, Flexform, F.lli Longhi, Gruppo Euromobil, Panasonic, Salice.

Winner of: the award “Leonardo” at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan with the “Riletto” and “Professional Design Award – c DIM – Valencia” with “Ercolino.”

He holds several  Italian and European patents for his works  in the field of industrial design. His work is focused on a particular attention to multi-functional products and new tecnologies.

Campeggi's products by Giulio Manzoni

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