YOY is a Tokyo based design studio composed by Naoki Ono, a spatial designer, and Yuki Yamamoto, a product designer. Started in 2011, our design theme is to create a new story betw een space and objects.

Awarded First prize for SDA Award
Awarded Young Japanese Design Talent
Awarded Special mention for Design Report Award
Awarded Special mention for Salone Satellite Award Exhibition at Salone Satellite in Milan

Invited exhibition at Tokyo Designers Week
Invited exhibition at I Saloni World Wide Moscow
Exhibition at Salone Satellite in Milan

Exhibition at Salone Satellite in Milan


Naoki Ono (left)
Born in Nagoya in 1981. Graduated in architectural design at Kyoto institute of technology in 2008.
Yuuki Yamamoto (right)
Born in Nagoya in 1985. Graduated in industrial design at Kanazawa college of Art in 2008.

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